1) Click on the registration tab on the website

2) Once the student is registered, they may immediately begin working on the online course. 

3) Within 2-3 days after registration, we will send the student a “Welcome” email from Elite Driving Academy. In that email, we will attach their CDE form. This form is the form required by the BMV for the student to take their permit test when they are ready. This form is good for 6 months. 

***4)When to take the permit test is a family decision. Once students are enrolled in our program, they can legally take the permit test at any time. They do NOT have to complete the entire class to take the test. However, it may be very beneficial to take practice tests or do some of the sections of the course before attempting the test at the BMV. You – the parent – control when you want your child to take the permit test and begin to legally drive.

5) When the student obtains their permit, we recommend at least a few hours of driving with parents. For students who have no driving experience whatsoever, this may simply be taking your child to the local school or church parking lot to allow them to gain some comfort level for being behind the wheel of a car. 

6) When the student is ready for their 6 hours of in-car instruction time with one of our instructors, please contact Elite Driving Academy. 

7) Scheduling will take place with your instructor. We do not have an online scheduling portal. Your student’s instructor will work with you and your busy schedule to ensure quality behind the wheel time for your child. 

8)When your student has completed the online course and the driving requirements, we will provide them with the documentation needed to obtain their license! 

Please contact us if you have any additional questions about our process.